These are 4 Hilton Head Island beaches that I love !! We have lots of different beaches on the island and I love that each one is unique. I photograph families & couples at all of these 🏖📸 #hiltonheadisland#hiltonheadbeach

#1 Burkes Beach or Driessen Beach

These beaches are very close to each other and both have ample parking ($) and restrooms ! During the summer, these both are excellent beaches to watch the sun rise which I highly recommend 🌤 This photo was the full moon rising on Burkes 🌝
There are also several beach bars within walking distance when you’re on the beach (Westin Resort, Sea Salts at Marriott Surfwatch, Coco’s on the Beach, & Jamaica Joez) 🍹

#2 Mitchelville Beach

This is a local & photographer favorite because it has so many unique aspects ! There won’t be large ocean waves so it is really nice at high tide for kids to play. This photo is high tide — I always check the tides for this one because when it’s low, it’s VERY low and there is a lot of pluff mud (mud you sink into) near the water. I LOVE the rocks, sea oats and greenery that is on this beach, naturally. Is is beautiful & worth a walk ! 🌿🌾 There is also free parking & restrooms. Also a really great sunset spot. 🌅

#3 Sea Pines

Sea Pines has some gorgeous beaches if you’re staying within the community 🌊 It is a private community with a gate fee to visit the restaurants, Harbour Town etc.
You can go to Coast Oceanfront Dining which even has an Ocean Lounge to eat/drink oceanside and then take a walk on the beach 🏝 it’s beautiful & great for sunset ! Keep an eye out for dolphins on the horizon !

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